Technical Writing


Technical Writing is the process of creating technical and software related manuals, handouts, handbooks, and technical guides etc. which can be provided online for help. The person who writes technical content for other people is referred as technical writer. To write technical content you must have technical skills. Technical writing is basically done in clear and precise manner to explain the technical products and services to end users without using many jargons.

Technical writing is very important today for varied reasons. Due to the legal requirements, the products should be released with accompanying documentations in support and to meet this technical requirement, technical writing is done which range from technical guides to troubleshooting manuals and API documents. Professional Technical writing is important for businesses to convey technical information to audience in precise and clear way. The technical information expressed through technical writing can be about products, about company and about any technical concepts. The significance of technical writing can be seen in varied applications both in consumer products and industrial environment. Without precise and clear technical writing that comprise directions to use and specifications, the products become useless for customers and hence it becomes less likely to get sold.