Memes are actually not a new concept now. Every fashion trend or new slangs that can reform or influence a group of people or a person of the sheer fact that it is popular is referred as online meme. There are some online memes that convey political ideology, societal movements, cultural phenomena, but most of them are less poignant, taking on imitation, parody and manipulation to take the viewpoint across the internet. Memes have started taking crucial part in the forms of social media. They are used widely to express humors, emotion and portray something which words can’t. Memes are like the humorous images, piece of text and videos that is copied and make viral by internet users.

Since memes are viral, most of the social networking websites make use of these memes to show humors. If the users like the jokes and find it entertaining they will pass it to their friends, making it viral. Memes are very engaging, especially if they are created precisely and in funny way, so if you include memes with blogs, articles, tweets and facebook posts then it can make it more interesting. If memes are used correctly then it has the potential to make a normal piece or post a social glod.