Infographics are basically the graphical and visual presentations of information that make use of elements of design to showcase the content. It is a widely accepted method to express complex messages and content to viewers in more precise way so as to enhance their comprehension and experience. Usually, images are used as extension of content of written article, whereas Infographics express self-contained messages and principle with visual presentations. The prime importance of using Infographics today is to communicate or convey complicated data, information and details in quick and precise way and they are reckoned as the most effective method today worldwide.

Today, Infographics are widely used because it plays important role while conveying complex piece of message in precise, quick and clear manner in graphical presentations. Today, most of the businesses are adapting the concept of Infographics because they have realized the potential of this tool when it comes to target audience and grab their attention quickly and provide them precise and clear business idea. The significance of Infographics can be evaluated from the fact that it can be found easily over the internet today and stand out in terms of disbursing information presentably and smoothly to the target audience.