Blog is basically the abridged term of weblog and this term was christened in 1997 to explain the ongoing chronicle of publishing information on websites. The entries are referred as posts and they are usually published in reverse sequence so that it can present the recent post first and then the older posts. The blogs also comprise the links of the websites and there is also an area made available for comments with an aim to increase interactivity with the websites and readers.

In the beginning, most of the blogs posted online were related to politics; however today blogs cover a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from broad news to entertainment, granular topics to particular hobby or niche industry. Blogs give you the chance to create relevant and quality content for the customers and can be used as a marketing technique to drive more and more traffic. It is important to create a blog section for websites which act as the foundation for all your social activities and social media platforms. Moreover, SEO and SERP ranking can also be increased by writing and posting quality blogs regularly. Remember, well written content or blogs always demonstrate your business as industry leader, hence it is important for you to write and post regular blogs using keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with.